What defines us?
What defines us?
Customer Obsession
When determining what to do, we start with what is best for our customer. We are customer obsessed.

We are relentless in figuring out what matters to our customers and then doing everything in our power to deliver it.
Create Magic
We are builders. We are craftspeople. We create magic. We build world-class magical products!

Our products are not just effective but also have an element of wonder and exceptional quality. There is innovation, creativity, and a touch of the extraordinary in whatever we do.
Eternal Innovation
Change is the only constant. We have to continue to adapt, iterate and innovate - always! If we get too stuck in the past, the world will pass us by.

We are playing an infinite game - one that has no winners or losers. The objective is to keep playing, strive for the next milestone and build a world-class enduring company.
Ideas over Hierarchy
The best idea should always win! The best ideas come from across the organisation, irrespective of hierarchy.

You don’t chose "social cohesion or fear of confrontation" over the best idea winning and "making Roma a better place". You fight for the right idea, without being a jerk.
No walls, all windows
We believe in transparency and open communication! In sharing information openly and proactively, and ensuring that our teams have complete context and information needed.

We believe communication should always be directly between the 2 individuals who need to talk - without the need for multiple interim steps.
Be a owner, not a renter
You have an owner’s mindset! You care intensely about Roma’s long-term success, and make every decision (big or small), in Roma’s best interest, You seek what is best for Roma, rather than for your group or yourself.

You hold yourself accountable and drive all tasks to completion. You don’t drop the ball. You take ownership, full responsibility and accountability. You are a 100% dependable.
Execute with urgency & tenacity
You have a bias for action! You execute quickly, with speed, vigor and passion. With that speed, you also a very high standard for quality - and don’t compromise that.

You are tenacious and never give up. If you face adversity or setbacks, you get back up. And continue to put every ounce of energy possible to get something over the finish line.
Challenge accepted, creatively solved
You have high agency! You find a way to move forward, without waiting for conditions to be perfect or blaming the circumstances. You bend reality to your will.

You are the chief problem-solving officer. You think first-principles and simplification! You are creative and think outside the box. You re‐conceptualize issues to discover innovative solutions to hard problems.
Judgement, compounded
You demonstrate outstanding judgement and good instincts. You are a critical thinker! You make wise decisions (people, technical, business, and creative) despite ambiguity. You are able to connect the dots.

You continue to learn, compound and hone your judgement! You seek to grow and learn new perspectives, new ideas at all times. You are always learning.
Optimism in action
You are positive and optimistic (most of the time) and inspire others with your optimism. This inspiration leads to people joining forces to make the sum greater than the parts.

Change is hard - and requires optimism to make it happen. You are able to inspire others and drive change. Pessimism destroys, Optimism inspires. Optimists change the world!
Earn trust & respect
You earn the respect and trust of of all your stakeholders - your peers, team, partners and customers. This continues to grow with time and your actions.

You are credible and reliable. You demonstrate consistent strong performance. You are candid and do not gossip! You make time to help people. You have high EQ and treat others with respect.
Honesty, Integrity & Inclusion
You are truthful in all situations and communications. You consistently choose to do the right thing, guided by a clear sense of right and wrong. You have a very strong moral compass!

You champion an environment of Inclusion. You recognise and embrace different cultures, diverse sets of people. You ensure every member, regardless of their differences feels valued and included.
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